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Miller gets naked with new ArtX series of fluid heads

The new Miller ArtX fluid head. Image: Miller.
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The new Miller ArtX fluid head. Image: Miller.

Miller has announced a series of new ArtX Naked Cinematic fluid heads, designed to bring high end capability to a more affordable price.

The new fluid heads are a new addition to the company's Cine brand and apparently compliment the CineX series.

According to Miller, "The ArtX Naked series comprises of ArtX3, ArtX5 and ArtX7 with payload capacities of 8kg (17.6lbs), 10kg (22lbs) and 14kg (31lbs) respectively, all with 16 positions of counterbalance with CB PLUSTM . ArtX3 and 5 have 3+0 selectable pan and tilt fluid drag positions while ArtX7 has 5+0."

We haven't had any word on the price, but we can assume that the affordability will be relative. However, you will be assured of quality. The new range has been designed with the new generation of large chip cameras in mind, that are quite often variable in configuration, from being stripped down to fully loaded with cages and monitors.

Miller ArtX specifications

All three models feature Miller's CB PLUS technology, which features 16 counterbalance positions and a side loading base plate.

There's a choice of two sliding platforms, the Versa and the Miller. The Versa sliding platform has a sliding range of 105mm and is reversible when used in conjunction with the Versa camera plate. The Miller sliding platform, on the other hand, uses the Standard Miller camera plate found on the company's other models such as the Air, DS and CX heads, and it has a sliding range of 60mm.

The Miller Versa tripod sliding plate, part of the new ArtX Naked series. Image: Miller.

ArtX Naked has a flat base, however it can also be fitted with a 75mm, 100mm and 150mm, or a Mitchell base adaptor to utilise any tripod of your choosing.

All three heads have two mounting points. An accessory mounting block attaches to these allowing magic arms to be fitted via 3/8” and 1⁄4” threads. A different accessory mounting block interfaces with ARRI fittings via an ARRI standard attachment adaptor.

It's an interesting concept, and the new system lets you purchase the tripod head completely separately from the sliding plate system, the pan handles, and the base, so that users can configure it precisely how they need it.

The Miller ArtX Naked series of fluid heads will be available to purchase in December.

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