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Media Composer gains full support from Postlab's cloud workflow

Postlab for Media Composer. Image: Hedge.
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Postlab for Media Composer. Image: Hedge.

Hedge has announced that Postlab now fully supports Avid's Media Composer for remote editing workflows.

Users of Avid Media Composer can now take advantage of a full cloud based collaborative workflow thanks to Hedge's Postlab now offering full support for the NLE.

Postlabworks as an extension to a company's on-site NAS/SAN storage. The system works with any internet bandwidth, no matter how small, and the system is set up such that pricing is flexible, allowing customers to scale up or down according to their current requirements.

Postlab doesn't rely on complex VPNs and keeps workspaces synced across users. The system takes full advantage of the Bin Locking facility within Media Composer so that users can collaborate without the risk of overwriting each others work.

Postlab for Media Composer main features

  • Immediate onboarding: A seamless transition from on-premise to cloud, with essential features and characteristics of your Nexis (or Avid compatible NAS/SAN) workflow intact.
  • Edit on a lightweight internet connection: Works with both fast and slow connections. Where bandwidth is insufficient for real-time cloud operation files are prefetched and cached, so they’re available for immediate editing. The Workspace feature also allows editors to cache a complete folder and its content locally, so only metadata and lock files require syncing, which is instantaneous. 
  • Familiar workspace and collaboration: Bin Locking ensures that editors can collaborate without overwriting important work - just as they’re used to.
  • Low costs: Cuts the costs and complexity of using the cloud through metadata and a “zero egress” policy; no hidden costs related to cloud storage.
  • Scalable: Pay-as-you-go based model allows facilities to pay a basic monthly fee and then add additional Postlab users for as little as one day, increasing or decreasing both storage and users on an as-needed basis.

Postlab will work with all Avid Media Composer Ultimate editors, and it will function with all types of storage system, even if you don't have a NAS/SAN or on-site storage at all. Users can take advantage of Postlab's own shared storage system, Drive. Drive can be scaled with a team's demands so you aren't paying for storage that isn't being used.

To learn more about Postlab for Media Composer, visit the Hedge website, where you'll be able to sign up for a 15-day trial.

To find out more about the history of Postlab for Media Composer, read the company's blog, written by David Shapton.

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