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Maono introduces the PM500T professional condenser mic

The Maono PM500T condenser mic. Image: Maono.
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The Maono PM500T condenser mic. Image: Maono.

Maono is fairly new on the scene, and it has announced the PM500T, a rather impressive looking XLR condenser microphone system.

I love condenser mics, with the lovely warm, full bodied sound that a really good one can produce. For studio voice recording they are a must have, and while there are lots of USB models available that are surprisingly good, if you want truly good results nothing beats a full on XLR based system.

Enter the Maono PM500T. Maono may be fairly new on the block, but the company has already won a CES Innovation Award at the 2021 show for its podcaster suite, the MAONOCASTER. The new PM500T microphone is very much aimed at the professional end of the spectrum, although at $149.99 it is extremely affordable.

The Maono PM500T condenser mic. Image: Maono.
The Maono PM500T condenser mic. Image: Maono.

Maono PM500T specifications

The headline features of the PM500T are:-

  • 34mm metal coated condenser capsule
  • Balanced XLR output
  • Full metal body
  • Custom fit Shock Mount
  • All-new designed metal Pop Filter
The Maono PM500T frequency response and pickup pattern. Image: Maono.
The Maono PM500T frequency response and pickup pattern. Image: Maono.

The company says that the condenser capsule, which uses 48V phantom power, has an ultra-precise cardioid polar pattern, and the circuits have been tuned to help reduce any proximity effects. Care has apparently been taken to make the system ultra-low noise, with construction being made from premium grade components.

Furthermore, the mic is constructed from zinc alloy and treated with multi-layer coatings. Maono says that this effectively allows the mic body to behave like an electromagnetic shield, helping to keep the audio signal even cleaner.

The microphone isn't available to purchase just yet, but you can find out more on Maono's website. Can a $149.99 condenser mic give Neuman quality results? We'll find out soon since we hope to be taking a look at one once the system becomes available UK. The fact that it uses a large 34mm diaphragm should mean that the sound it records has much more character for vocals and instrument recording than many of the much smaller diaphragm USB alternatives. US can purchase the mic from Amazon now.

As we've seen over the years with all sorts of different equipment, price alone is not an indicator of quality, so if Maono's other products are anything to go by this could be one to look out for.

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