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MAGIX Sequoia Pro 17 released

The Sequoia Pro 17 UI
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The Sequoia Pro 17 UI

MAGIX, the company behind VEGAS Pro, has released Sequoia Pro 17, the latest version of their professional audio engineering and mastering software.

The DAW software (digital audio workstation) features everything needed for professional audio engineering, editing, mixing, mastering, and much more. With the latest update this includes:

  • 32-channel surround and 3D audio.
  • Object-oriented editing.
  • Ambisonics and vector-based amplitude panning.
  • Visualizations and metering for a variety of inputs, outputs, and sub-mixes.
  • Source-Destination Cut: Work with both the project and source material.
  • Live Editing Workflow: While recording, you’ll be able to cut, preview, and export.
  • Native support of Mackie Control, Mackie HUI-compatible control, and EuCon.
  • New flat UI design.
  • 32-bit recording support.
  • Auto-Conforming: Sync sound from video and audio, export EDLs (edit decision lists).
  • AudioWarp: Non-destructive timing changes of audio.
  • ARA2 support.

MAGIX Sequoia Pro 17 is billed as perfect for those recording, editing, and mastering music, and for sound design. This is one of the gold-standard DAW software packages: great for studio settings, live performances, classical, and more. Sequoia 17 also has great hardware integration.

You can download a free trial of Sequoia Pro 17, and purchase a perpetual license for $1500, or $750 for a perpetual upgrade. MAGIX also offers Sequoia 365, for $468 annually with frequent updates.

Be sure check out their tutorials which not only get you started, but also help teach you how to create beats, music, and more. Learn more at the MAGIX Sequoia page.


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