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LVX AURORA V1 and V2 Prime Lenses promise a vintage look at very modern money

The LVX AURORA V2 full-frame primes. If you need to know the price, then you're probably going to be renting 'em...
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The LVX AURORA V2 full-frame primes. If you need to know the price, then you're probably going to be renting 'em...

If you’re looking for a set of prime lenses that produce a more unique and classic look, consider the LVX AURORA V1 and V2 full-frame primes. These are de-tuned Tokina Vista primes in very lovely new housings.

What exactly are the LVX AURORA full-frame prime lenses, and why are there two sets, V1 and V2?

The company, LVX Badalamenti Cinema Optics, has taken Tokina Vista prime lenses, de-tuned them, and put them in new housings, giving the optics a nice vintage look. They are designed in Italy and rehoused in Latin America with 7075 aircraft aluminum.

In the case of the LVX AURORA V1, the set of prime lenses will give cinematographers and filmmakers a vintage look, but only slightly. The V1 is available now.

On the other hand, the LVX AURORA V2 set of prime lenses will produce an even more vintage look, up to 30% more than the V1. The V2 is available for pre-order.

Why would you use lenses that produce a more vintage look? Some lenses that give a slight vintage look can help reproduce old film styles (combined with camera settings, lighting, post, etc.), helping provide a more authentic feel to a project. The more vintage the look, the more experimental the cinematography can be.

Probably a more common scenario is the project is a period piece, and lenses can go a long way toward helping make it look like the production is using cameras and film available in that era.

So, what comes with both sets of prime lenses?

  • Focal lengths of 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 65, 85, 105, 135, and 180mm
  • All lenses are a fast T/1.5, with the exception of the 180mm, which is still fast at T/1.9.
  • Diameter at the front of the lenses of 114mm.
  • Ideal for full-frame cameras, such as those from RED, ARRI, etc.
  • LVX V2 has lower contrast, pleasant and enhanced fall-off, and comes with Standard Flare coating (SF) or Full Flare coating (FF).

To get an idea of what the unique and vintage looks both lenses produce, take a look at the video below, shot by cinematographer Giuseppe Badalamenti with the LVX AURORA V2:

Lenses like the LVX AURORA V1 and V2 are worthy of use, thanks to their vintage looks that add a nice touch of creativity to a project. While they may be for specific uses (particularly the V2), using lenses that give a vintage look, even somewhat, helps give your projects more of a film emulsion look, especially when combined with a camera using proper settings, filters, work in post, etc.

The prices of the lenses are high, and you may end up looking to rent them. The six-lens set will cost $70,000, or about as much as a nice Tesla or high-end Mercedes. You can learn more at the LVX website. 

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