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LumiCard: ultra-thin and compact lighting for smartphones and more

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There are Kickstarters that are cool, unique, or both, and the LumiCard from Blind Spot Gear is both. It’s essentially a light that attaches to your smartphone case via MagSafe, giving film and video professionals a solid light source.

LumiCard is a small lighting device that's about the size of a credit card, fits in your wallet, and can attach magnetically to supportive cases via MagSafe. It adds a 5-watt, cinema-quality LED light source that can improve mobile filmmaking and photography. It's powered by an Android's power share or the newest iPhone via MagSafe technology or USB-C on a supported mobile device or a laptop. It will include a special sticker to attach to other devices, including anything you’d like to hang the LumiCard on, not just a phone.

So, what makes this so cool and unique? Both are pretty obvious — stick a credit card-sized light source to your supported smartphone for instant, cinema-quality lighting. And it solves a pretty big problem.

With a 5-watt output, you’ll be able to get decent light while filming in dark rooms or outside at night. An interview would be a terrific use of the LumiCard light. It can also act as a fill light or additional light source if your smartphone is used as a B camera.

Pricing and Kickstarter

Blind Spot Gear launched a Kickstarter campaign (its ninth) for the LumiCard and has early bird pricing of £39 still available (around $45 at current exchange rates), which is 33% off the eventual price. That's the 'base model' and only includes the LumiCard. I recommend the next level, which includes the device, a custom USB-C cable, and a MagSafe sticker, priced at £47 ($59). There are more levels with more LumiCards and other goodies. Check out the Kickstarter here, which finishes November 23. Estimated delivery is April 2024.

Blind Spot Gear has a lot of other cool gear that anyone doing production can use, including its Power Junkie v12, Power Pipes, and more. Pay its website a visit.


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