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Kessler Crane upgrades CineShooter to CineShooter+

The new CineShooter+ at work underneath a RED V-RAPTOR
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The new CineShooter+ at work underneath a RED V-RAPTOR

Four years on from the release of the original CineShooter motorized pan and tilt head, Kesler Crane releases the new CineShooter+.

So, we were going to run this last week, but then the whole RED and Nikon thing happened and we got kinda distracted...

Kesler Crane’s CineShooter has always been a popular choice amongst the filmmaking community, with some big name fans such as Jarred Land happy to sing its praises. 

Four years after the original debuted, the new CineShooter+ therefore doesn’t entirely break the mould; rather it tweaks it slightly. You still get the same strong, precise, quiet motion control (“the strongest, most precise, and quietest motion control system in its class,” claims Kesler Crane) and the same form factor, but now you get some extra goodies as well.

The gearbox has been upgraded to a modified helical planetary design that is 40% stronger than the previous version with virtually no backlash (less than .01°). It also includes an OLED display that is bigger, daylight visible, and does not distort in extreme temperatures. But headline feature is that CineShooter+ is now optimized for Unreal Engine with kOS Premium's tracker-less integration feature expanding its potential to a whole new level and meaning users can ditch camera trackers on set as the CineShooter+ is already recording it all.

If you’ve got a spare 30 minutes and want to go into the weeds of all this, have a look at the tutorial here.


The CineShooter+ is available in two separate models, the Standard and the Macro, which has different gearing and pays less attention to being quiet. Both are listed at $3200. The Premium version of kOS costs $199 or a permanent license, with monthly and yearly options also available, though one free year also comes with every CineShooter+ purchase.


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