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Insta360: Charles Leclerc takes Niki Lauda's 1974 Ferrari around Monaco

On board Niki Lauda's 1974 Ferrari 321 B3 Formula 1 car.
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On board Niki Lauda's 1974 Ferrari 321 B3 Formula 1 car.

Insta360 has teamed up to create a new video from Niki Lauda's legendary 1974 Ferrari 321 B3 Formula 1 car racing around Monaco.

Last year Insta360 teamed up with Jean Alesi as he drove the iconic car around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. This year the company setup even more cameras around the car for multiple views to capture current F1 driver, Charles Leclerc, taking the car around the circuit once more.

Insta360 teamed up with the Automobile Club de Monaco to mount cameras on the car’s nose, side and rear wing. A ONE X2 and ONE RS covered things from every angle by capturing the drive in 360. The micro sized GO 2 was used to get up close and personal with Leclerc as he piloted the car around the twisting circuit.

Interestingly, it looks as if two different cars were used at different points, so if any eagle eyed readers can tell us what the other car is, please do so in the comments below!

The additional quality offered by the new RS is evident here, and the whole video has been finalised in 4K. Enjoy!

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