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Impossible Things: A new AI image editor inside Lightroom

Image: SLR Lounge
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Image: SLR Lounge

The AI takeover continues, with a new Lightroom-based image editor, Impossible Things, designed to take the effort out of editing hundreds of photos at a time.

It seems like there's a new AI-based image editor being released every hour at the moment. Until now, however, most have been standalone editors or based solely on phone apps. Now, Lightroom preset developer, DVLOP, and SLR Lounge have teamed up to produce a native AI editor right within Lightroom Classic, called Impossible Things.

It might be overkill for the casual photographer, but if you take images of weddings or sports events for a living, it's not unusual to have hundreds upon hundreds of photos to deal with in many different lighting conditions. Impossible Things seeks to remedy the problem sorting all this out by taking the pain out of such mass editing.

Image: SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge states: "[It] was designed by working photographers with a deep understanding of the editing process and pain-points. We want speed, but not at the sacrifice of quality. We want convenience but not at the expense of artistry, creativity, and personalization."

On paper, the system appears to be incredibly flexible. Not only does it work 100% inside Lightroom, but it can apply the AI adjustments to all your existing Lightroom presets. So, if you have a look that you like from a pre-existing preset, Impossible Things can work with that to get the best results. The makers have also provided cloud presets for popular looks.

The system was apparently trained with over one million DNG files and over 200 camera models, as well as 300 different lenses. So, it will recognise and work with your specific camera model and lens system. SLR Lounge states that the system uses a patent-pending 'Lighting Condition Based Development' model that adapts image colour based upon different lighting conditions. This means that it can work with images in a wide range of difficult lighting conditions, such as low light and extremely high contrast situations.

Custom tuning. Image: SLR Lounge

On a blog, the developers say how the system will recognise images that have been taken in a sequence. "Built into Impossible Things is what we call our shot similarity system, a clever and evolving method of recognizing images shot in sequence. When like images are shot within the same time frame our system will recognize and treat them similarly. This will ultimately lead to fewer tedious tweaks and free up time to do more enjoyable things."


Impossible Things doesn't just apply things in a blanket way. Photographers have full control to tweak the images after the event, but they can also tweak how much influence the AI has over the images before they have been processed.

Impossible Things is available for download now, and pricing is set in four tiers. There's a free trial with 500 credits and a PAYG system, but it can't blend with existing presets. Next up is the fully featured Starter Tier at $24.99 a month, a Growth Tier at $49.99 a month, and a Pro Tier at $99.99 a month.


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