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How to reduce embedded wind noise in your audio

How to reduce wind noise in audio.
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How to reduce wind noise in audio.

Wind noise is the bane of audio recording. Here are some tips on how to reduce it using the tools already in your NLE.                                     

How to reduce wind noise in audio.
This is the ideal way to reduce wind noise, but sooner or later you'll have to deal with audio that hasn't had such precautions taken. Image: Shutterstock.

Wind noise is one of those things that no matter how many precautions you take during production to minimise it from being recorded in the first place, sooner or later you’ll find a clip where it is a problem.

There are of course a number of wind reduction filters that promise to reduce or even eliminate wind noise completely. The problem is that these filters are often taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and a lot of the detail in non effected frequencies can be overly affected, leaving you with tinny dialogue or other weird effects.

The guys over at White Rabbit Music Productions have a blog that often gives highly useful tips on how to deal with audio issues in post. They have put together one dedicated to reducing wind noise by taking a highly adjustable approach that you can tailor to the precise type of wind frequencies that are affecting your recording.

Most of the techniques used here can be replicated in pretty much every NLE. So head on over and take a look. It might save your bacon one day!

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