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Hollyland’s new products highlight wireless capabilities

Hollyland at NAB
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Hollyland at NAB

Hollyland Technology is showcasing its latest developments in wireless audio and video technology at the upcoming NAB show (C6710) in Las Vegas

Hollyland will introduce its new Pyro series, a wireless video transmission system scheduled for release this spring. The Pyro series aims to redefine mobile image transmission and monitoring for small to medium-sized commercial and filmmaking teams with its 4K/30fps transmission capabilities.

Featuring one transmitter and four receivers, the Pyro system is designed to enhance flexibility and stability in transmission and monitoring tasks. With automatic dual-band frequency hopping technology, Pyro ensures reliable signal transmission with improved anti-interference capabilities. The Pyro series offers two variants: Pyro H with HDMI input/output and Pyro S with both HDMI and SDI input/output options for different production requirements.

Secondly, Hollyland will offer a sneak peek at its upcoming intercom systems. These intercom systems are designed for mid and high-end production teams and feature seamless roaming capability and scalability. It comes with lightweight and comfortable headsets. Furthermore, Hollyland will present its Wireless Solution Pack, as filming assistance for production teams. Compatible with Hollyland’s Solidcom C1 Pro, Mars 4K, Cosmo C1, Mars M1 Enhanced, and the Lark Series, the Wireless Solution Pack aims to streamline film production processes for all filmmakers.

For more information, visit booth C6710 in the Central Hall during the event.

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