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Hobolite’s new Micro LED is tiny yet mighty

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Hobolite’s latest LED light throws out 500 lumens from a body that easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Hobolite’s latest is a genuinely pocket-sized 8-watt lighting solution that manages to blend style and portability together without compromising performance. It might only weigh 240g (8.5oz) without its battery, but it still manages to throw out up to 500 lumens from its faux leather side panel accents and aviation-grade aluminium body.

It looks rather lovely and, beyond its compact 2” x 2.7” x 3” design (that’s 5.1cm x 6.9cm x 7.6cm), the Micro also boasts a range of useful features. Dual or single battery operation ensures consistent power, where users can swap batteries for longer-lasting runtime for reliable and powerful illumination throughout its 2700K - 6700K temperature range. The detachable Li-ion battery allows up to 50 minutes of run time at 100% output, and an optional innovative 3-in-1 charging dock usefully serves as a power bank, charging station, and battery storage depending on what’s needed.

hobolite micro rear

The magnetic mount design allows for swift attachment or detachment of accessories, including a barndoor, diffuser dome, fresnel lens, and colour filter gels, making it an all-in-one solution for a decent range of creative needs.

Pricing starts at $159.99 for the Standard Kit which also comes with the Micro barndoor set, a fresnel lens, and a diffuser dome. The Creator Kit adds the Micro Charging Dock and 2x additional batteries alongside additional Micro Colour Filters and bumps the cost up to $269.99. A decent range of lovingly designed accessories is also available. 

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