Here’s a really great product photography tutorial

Written by Simon Wyndham

Product photography is an art. With a lot of creatives still not able to return to work properly, here’s a great tutorial on how to take a product image with a single light.

Whisky product photography.

Keeping those creative juices flowing while work isn’t coming through is difficult. However one area of the visual arts that can be performed completely remotely is product photography. However, as anyone who has tried it knows, to do it well is, well, not an easy thing. At least not without knowing a few insider tricks of the trade.

The tutorial below from YouTube channel Workphlo shows how to take a product shot of some whisky using only a single light. It covers everything from the initial photograph through to the post workflow. The channel has a ton of videos showing all different facets of product photography and how the results were achieved. So if you are a creative looking to broaden your knowledge out they are well worth watching.

Even though they are focussed on the stills photography end of things, there are still takeaways that could be used for video, too. Enjoy!

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