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GoPro's Abe Kislevitz and the future of action cameras

Images: Abe Kislevitz.
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Images: Abe Kislevitz.

Replay: We interviewed GoPro's Abe Kislevitz about all things action cameras, what goes into development, and where he thinks the industry is heading, in this in-depth chat.

For anyone who follows GoPro, the name Abe Kislevitz should be a familiar one. He's been at the forefront of using the cameras going right back to the first HD HERO, and he's built a reputation for producing both compelling content and tutorials with the cameras via his YouTube and Instagram channels.

He's also at the forefront of development for the cameras, working with the team to capture and edit those famous sizzle reels GoPro is famous for on the release of a new camera.

We caught up with Abe to talk about how he uses these cameras himself, as well as covering the difficulties of camera development, and how he personally sees the action camera industry heading. Watch the interview below!

Thanks to Christopher Prado of GoPro for organising this interview.

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