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Frame.io is hosting a webinar with NFL films this Wednesday (23rd June)

Image: Frame.io.
Image: Frame.io.

Frame.io is hosting a webinar with NFL films to give viewers an inside look into how it keeps content flowing year round and how they deal with the workflow.

Whilst the NFL will have rather more resources at hand than the average small scale video producer, the webinar should appeal to anyone who is interested in how to improve their workflows, particularly when it comes to high volume content.

The Webinar will be hosted by Travis Boyer (Director of Media Administration), Pete Locke (Production Delivery Manager), and Joseph Valenti (Broadcast Engineer). They will be discussing the huge workflow covering all 32 football teams, delivering award winning content, and how their processes have changed over the past year.

Anyone interested can register here, and the webinar will be taking place on Weds 23rd June at 3pm ET.

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