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Five essential action camera mounts

Image: GoPro.
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Image: GoPro.

Don't just mount your action camera any old way. Here are five of the best mounts any action camera junkie should own.

One of the best things about action cameras is that they can be mounted in so many different ways, in places that no other camera could conceivably go. Here are a few of the best mounts we've used.

GoPro Three Way Grip 2.0

The GoPro Three Way Grip 2.0 is one of the most versatile action camera mounts we have ever used. When it is folded up it can be used as a short handle for POV shots or for selfies, and in this configuration it is quite compact. The clever part is that it unfolds into an extendable selfie stick that can be positioned such that the grip itself cannot be seen. Even better is that there are three unfordable legs, creating a mini-tripod for either self filming, or for getting shots such as timelapses.

Because it uses the standard GoPro clip mount, it can be used with pretty much any action camera on the market, too.

Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect

The Pro Standard 360 Quick Connect mount system isn't cheap, but it is extremely clever and saves an absolute ton of time if you need to move your camera to and from different positions regularly.

Pro Standard 360 Connect.
The Pro Standard 360 Connect system is one of the best action camera mounting systems we've tried.

The system uses a quick release mount that attaches to the camera itself. This in turn is attached to a cylindrical shaped sub-mount which you attach in your position of choice. The flexibility of this means that you can rotate your camera 360-degrees to achieve the perfect framing. Once the quick release lever is locked, the whole system is solid. If you aren't sure, you can turn a hex key/thumb screw to tighten it up even more.

Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount

The Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount is one of the newest mounts from the company. You'll need to add a GoPro style adaptor if you are using it with the ONE RS or a GoPro, but you'll be able to mount your camera in all sorts of places with it.

Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount.
The Insta360 Monkey Tail Mount. As flexible as it gets!

The Monkey Tail Mount is one flexible stick, which can be bent into all sorts of shapes. If you need to hang it from a tree, or attach it to a handle, or anywhere else you care to think of, it can be bent around the object to hold the camera solidly in place. We wouldn't recommend it for fast action shots, but for ride bys and b-roll style shots it is excellent.

GoPro Bite Mount

We won't kid you with this one. When you're using this in your mouth, you do look really silly. That said, it's a great way to get quick POV shots, and one of the best ways to get first-person style views when out surfing or on a paddle board.

GoPro Bite Mount.
GoPro's Bite mount can easily be switched from mouth holding, to handheld, to clipped into a mount.

GoPro's Bite Mount also doubles as a standard clip in mount that can attach to any standard GoPro camera mounting clip, so you don't need to swap the camera over. If you combined this with the Pro Standard 360 Connect mounts above you'll have a really versatile system. It's also the most comfortable bite mount we've used as well.

If you're using this near water, we'd suggest using the floaty case along with it.

GoPro The Handler-Floating Hand Grip

The Handler-Floating Hand Grip is a must have for use on boats, paddle boards, or surf boards on water. Its primary use is as a selfie handle, but it can be used for all sorts of applications. It does just as the name suggests and floats if it's dropped in the water. There's also a nice wrist lanyard to minimise dropping it in the first place!

GoPro The Handler-Floating Hand Grip.
The Handler Floating Hand Grip is an essential when working in or on the water.

That's some of the essential mounts out of the way. Next time I'll suggest some of the more specialist mounts out there.

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