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FiLMiC Pro announces integration for Smooth 5 and DJI OM 5

Image: FiLMiC Pro.
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Image: FiLMiC Pro.

For mobile filmmakers looking to use their smartphones with a specialized stabilizer like the DJI OM 5 or Zhiyun Smooth 5, FiLMiC Pro has unveiled support for both devices. The popular cinematography app for iOS and Android can be controlled by both gimbal systems while in use. Let’s take a closer look.

FiLMiC Pro is the best cinematography app for mobile filmmakers, giving a full set of filmmaking features like image control, frame rate, audio, and - on certain devices - 10-bit SDR and LogV3.

Smartphone gimbal stabilizers like the Zhiyun Smooth 5 and DJI OM 5 give a smooth look for handheld shots, and FiLMiC Pro can now be controlled by both devices. 

Using the DJI OM 5, mobile filmmakers can access plenty of FiLMiC Pro features, such as support for four unique shooting modes (rectile, pan/tilt, manual, and auto modes); quick lock and unlock of exposure and focus via the OM 5 d-pad; smooth cinematic zooms with the OM 5 joystick; full manual focus and explore control; and much more.

Check out this tutorial for using FiLMiC Pro with the DJI OM 5:

With the Zhiyun Smooth 5, you’ll be able to utilize quick mode switching, including rectile, manual, and auto modes; lock and unlock exposure and focus with the Smooth 5’s thumbwheel; quickly access the Library and Settings Menu; quick lens switching (wide, ultra-wide, telephoto, and selfies); smoothly pull focus with side focus wheel; and much more.

Learn more with the Zhiyun Smooth 5 and FiLMiC Pro tutorial:

The latest update to FiLMiC Pro is available now for iOS and Android, and is free for existing users, or you can purchase it for just $14.99 USD. Learn more.

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