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Film and light (almost) anywhere with Aputure’s DELTA Pro portable battery

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Going out on location, especially one that’s far off the grid (literally and figuratively) can present a lot of problems if you need lighting but have no access to a quiet power supply. The Aputure DELTA Pro fixes that with a portable battery on wheels.

It’s not uncommon to be on location without immediate access to power, whether filming in a park or even a location that doesn’t have power handy. Whether you need a full lighting setup or just a fill, having no power means making some sacrifices.

The Aputure DELTA Pro portable battery fixes the issue by providing a quiet source of power, all in a relatively small footprint. It’s powered by EcoFlow and features a 3600W LFP battery along with 3600W worth of AC power.

There are up to 15 outputs so there isn’t a need for a large number of adapters. Two USB-A Fast Charge, two USB-A, a USB-C (100W), five AC outlets, and other options. 

Aputure promises that you’ll be able to, for example, power an LS 1200d Pro and LS 600d Pro at the same time for 90 minutes at full brightness, giving the cinematographer and gaffer plenty of options. The DELTA Pro can also handle up to five LS 600d Pros with the 30A AC outlet.


The Aputure DELTA Pro can be recharged via a regular wall outlet in under three hours. You can also use solar, EV, or even a car to recharge. The battery will last up to 10 years, so you should be able to get a lot of use.

One nice feature is a LCD screen giving information like battery analysis, percentage, charge remaining, discharge times, and more. All in real-time. Plus you can use the EcoFlow app with the DELTA Pro. 

And this is as portable of a solution as possible: It comes with wheels and a handle (like luggage) and a great rugged design. Pricing is $3299 and that could very much be a decent investment for a production company or lighting / rental house. 

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