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Feelworld LUT11H: an affordable field monitor

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Feelworld has unveiled a new 10.1-inch field and director monitor, the LUT11H with up to 4K DCI support and 2000nits of max brightness. Let’s take a look and see if it’s something to add to your toolbox.

The Feelworld LUT11H is a fairly affordable 10.1-inch monitor with up to 4K resolution at 60Hz (DCI) and a maximum brightness of 2000nits. Feelworld says it’s bright enough to not need any sort of sun hood when filming outside. It’s an 8-bit IPS panel supporting 1920 x 1200 resolution.

It also features 800:1 contrast, 170-degree viewing angle, 224 PPI, and support for REC709, DCIP3, and BT2020.

The Feelworld LUT11H has a nice, easy to navigate UI, touchscreen controls, and plenty of options for accurate picture (zebras, brightness and RGB histogram, focus peaking, waveform, 3D LUT, etc.).

You can use it in the field without a problem thanks to support for two F970 batteries. It can also be powered via AC.

The Feelworld LUT11H monitor can be attached to a camera with three 1/4”-20 mounting points, which is great for focus , etc. It can also be set up as a director’s monitor, giving the helmer a nice view of the action.

The LUT11H is very similar to Feelworld’s LUT11S monitor, except it has only HDMI I/O support. But it’s priced $50 less ($299.99 USD vs. $349.99) and lacks 3G-SDI.

Why a monitor like this is important 

So why would buying a monitor like the Feelworld LUT11H be so important for a cinematographer or director? Having a bright, full color monitor allows the assistant camera (AC) to handle focus pull accurately, especially if it’s being done wirelessly.

The director also needs a quality monitor to get an accurate view of what’s happening on screen during production, whether it’s a film, documentary, corporate video, commercial, or an interview.

Choosing between the Feelworld LUT11H or LUT11S

If you’re deciding between the Feelworld LUT11H (HDMI only) or the LUT11S (3G-SDI and dual HDMI), it really comes down to whether or not you think you’ll need 3G-SDI. If you’re a cinematographer who works with different cameras and the odds are good you’ll be working with one that supports 3G-SDI, spend the extra $50 and get the LUT11S. Otherwise, the Feelworld LUT11H has all the features needed for a quality field or director’s monitor and it’s priced at an affordable $299.99.

Learn more at Feelworld’s site.

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