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ECE - Where expo and festival come together

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After exhibiting IBC, NAB, MPS, and ISE recently, we are happy to see events are back in action. RedShark is happy to announce its media partnership with Euro Cine Expo - an event that brings out the best of both an expo and festival in Munich, Germany.

Euro Cine Expo

1st and 2nd of July, Euro Cine Expo reunites all the products, technologies, and the art of cinematography under one roof. This two-day event is packed with some of the best filmmakers, camera operators, and manufacturers from all over the world, where they showcase their latest technology alongside exciting seminars and workshops. 

And who doesn’t like food? No longer will you find yourself standing in a sweaty hall figuring out where to queue for the next cold sandwich. Instead, Euro Cine Expo brings together the European film & TV world, fantastic food vendors, bars, and entertainment all together in one location. The Zenith Hall has made a name for itself as a concert and event hall for some of the best events, shows, concerts, and tradeshows - and this event is no different. From Coal Bunker to Boiler House, this urban industrial district provides a unique experience you do not want to miss out on.

Euro Cine Expo has developed since its launch from what was going to be a local event to something much more International as the organisers see companies from around the world supporting the Expo.  Located in Munich and running in July, the timing and venue will offer a great festival feeling, whilst delivering the latest technologies, products, and engagement opportunities through a full seminar and technical program.

The Architectural District

The event will take place in Munich in one of the largest historical industrial halls in Germany. The Zenith Hall at Motorworld creates a unique venue for Euro Cine Expo. The district area features unique architectural features perfect for networking, private screenings, workshops, and presentations that are being arranged throughout the event. As a summer event, you don’t want to spend your day stuck inside. The venue has plenty of outdoor space, onsite parking, public transport, and hotels nearby which makes the show a perfect indoor-outdoor exhibition for the weekend.

Claire Saunders, show organizer comments: “When we first launched Euro Cine Expo in 2020, we always wanted to deliver a unique experience for exhibitors and visitors and when we found The Zenith, we knew the venue would offer this. Over the last 2 years, we have had time to work on this vision, plus the infrastructure of Motorworld has been finished and adds a new element to the location. With bars, restaurants, hotel, cinema, and a host of breakout areas, both indoor and out, it allows us to breathe a breath of fresh air into this truly European event. With the opportunity to grow in future years, we are so happy to host Euro Cine Expo 2022 at this location in Munich."

Film Festival 

This expo runs at the same time as the Munich Film Festival. The FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is coming out with its 39th festival edition this summer. It is Germany’s largest summer film festival, where countless filmmakers come to Munich from all over the world to present their latest work in person, network, and initiate new projects. “This is the place to explore the whole spectrum of contemporary global cinema, from independent gems to star-studded German and international films.” - FILMFEST MÜNCHEN

This makes the Euro Cine Expo truly the place to be for industry professionals. Bringing the best of Film and TV together in a venue that thrives a festival feel throughout the day and evening. Street food vendors, outside exhibits, and other activities throughout the event are a few of the reasons why this event should be on your radar. 

Registration to attend the Expo and the seminars are free.  Pre-register via the website https://eurocineexpo.com/registration and keep visiting to find out more about the exhibitors and the technical program.  

If you haven’t already booked your space for the show - don’t think twice. The floorplan keeps filling up so make sure you reach out to the team for more information about booking and other pre-event opportunities. 

Email here: info@eurocineexpo.com

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