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DropOff by Hedge bids to make file sharing easier

Hedge DropOff
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Hedge DropOff

Hedge's latest product is DropOff, a web-based file-sharing app designed specifically for creative workflows. 

Hedge's latest software release, DropOff, is aimed at LucidLink users and allows users to exchange files with their LucidLink filespaces while collaborating with external partners beyond their organization. This streamlines the process of working together in the majority of creative workflows.

How does it work? DropOff creates file transfer links to external collaborators that allow them to either upload files directly onto your Filespace, or create a space where they can securely download files you’ve selected from them. That effectively means that if you have a LucidLink account, you will have it all: storage space, speed and security - all in one.



  • Send Files: Create shareable links that allow users to send or deliver files from their Filespace or any other storage via a shareable link for external collaborators, or clients to pick up without having direct access to the user’s LucidLink Filespace itself, using email or other subscription based file sharing services.
  • Receive Files: Create shareable links for external collaborators to send files that are then uploaded and received into the user’s LucidLink Filespace set up in DropOff. Again, this works without the external collaborator having direct access to the user’s Filespace itself.
  • No Monthly Fees: There are no standing fees or monthly subscription costs. Along with that, there are no file type or size limits, and importantly no expiration dates for your purchased data. Instead, users pay as they go with a Pay Per GB model that is as expansive or condensed as they need it to be based on their exact needs.

Find out more here and sign up for a free trial that comes preloaded with 20GB of credits.

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