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Crowdfunding roundup: Swift-Lock, MiracleArm, and more

The MiracleArm majors on versatility
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The MiracleArm majors on versatility

Our latest roundup of new crowdfunding campaigns that could help make your life easier while filming on set or on location.

This time round we have offerings from G&E, camera support (specifically the strap), and swapping out lenses. Plus links to two cine zoom lens campaigns from Laowa and 7Artisans.

Spinn Swift-Lock


The Spinn Swift-Lock is a universal camera carrying system for mirrorless or DSLR cameras. It features a magnetic quick release and it compatible with many of the most popular standards. Essentially it makes carrying and handling your camera that much easier by putting the strap on the bottom of the camera.

The strap, Swift-Lock, and camera can rest around your neck or shoulder, and the camera can be detached quickly, all via a magnetic snap. It’s pretty convenient.

SWIFT-LOCK blew past its initial Kickstarter goal of $16,403 to the tune of a jaw-dropping $140,177 (as of mid-March 2024). This is a product in high demand. Check out the campaign now. 

MiracleArm from MiracleTools

miracle arm

Light stands and C-Stands, we’ve all used them for G&E, holding mics, or whatever a particular shoot calls for. But there isn’t much flexibility if you need it. Enter the modular and versatile MiracleArm from MiracleTools, which recently launched its Kickstarter campaign.

The main component of the MiracleArm is the MiracleJoint, featuring 3 axes and 360-degree rotation. It fastens with a form-fitting, twist-proof single screw lock. Because of that, the MiracleArm can support heavier weight compared to  similar models. The team behind MiracleArm says that weight support is determined by number of joints used and length of poles.

Speaking of which, the MiraclePoles are well-constructed, feature a hexagonal shape, and can be easily swapped out for different lights (plus extended).

While not as enticing as a new lens or camera, the MiracleArm serves an important purpose and solves a lot of issues when it comes to Grip & Electric and other needs on set or location. 

As of mid-March 2024, the team behind MiracleArm exceeded their $16,794 goal within eight days (and was funded in 48 hours), so there definitely is demand for it. Learn more and back the Kickstarter campaign here.

Lens Flipper Versatile


The Lens Flipper Versatile (LFV) helps manage your lenses so you can swap lenses faster and easier, while storing a lens you aren’t using. 

It’s compatible with lens carrying systems such as the Spider Holster, Hold Fast Gear, Cotton Carrier, and more. It can be attached to those systems via a mounting point. It can be carried on a backpack, Spider Belt, and more.

The Indiegogo campaign is currently only 66% funded and has closed, but we’re intrigued enough by it to say it’s still worth a look to learn more and see if they'll run the campaign again. Sometimes it takes more than one go around…

Affordable Cine Zooms

Both Laowa and 7Artisans have launched crowdfunding campaigns for affordable cine zoom lenses. You can read about them for more details here, but suffice to say they’re offering quality lenses at much lower prices than competitive cinema zooms.

Check out the Laowa Nanomorph ZOOM 28-55mm and 50-100mm T2.9 cine zoom lenses campaign here, and the 7Artisans 24-96mm T2.9 cine zoom campaign here.

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