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Core SWX launches NANO X micro batteries

A  150Wh version is also available
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A 150Wh version is also available

Core SWX says its new NANO X batteries represent a groundbreaking leap in portable power.

First off, some housekeeping. Core refers to its new batteries variously as NANO X and NANOX at different places in its materials. But, in the video below, the company’s Technical Marketing chief, Joe DeJulius, calls it the NANO X, so we’ll stick with that.

However you pronounce it, the battery is both small and impressively robust. It’s based on the company’s NexCore casing compound crafted from robust polycarbonate, to provide what Core says is “unparalleled” protection against impacts and vibrations, and is enhanced by weather-resistant features. An embedded EmLED display provides precise power management insights via a wrap-around LED gauge for easy battery status monitoring from any angle on set. This is complemented by up to 100w USB-C Power Delivery integration for streamlined workflows and compatibility with production gear. 

Core reckons that the design shaves nearly 20% off competitor weights. What’s more, it’s integrated with Voltbridge iD. “Simply wave your phone for vital stats, no magic needed,” says the company (it has an app coming this summer).

NANOX is available in V-mount and G-Mount and two different capacities, 98Wh and 150Wh. 

The NANO X Micro 98 is a mere 2.82” x 3.9” x 2.2” and 1.3lbs, while the NANO X Micro 150 is a bit chunkier at 2.83” x 3.93” x 2.63” and 1.6lbs.

The NANO X Micro 98 is $285 and the NANO X Micro 150 is $395. Both can be pre-ordered now, with the Micro 98 shipping mid-March and Micro 150 coming in mid-April



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