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Aaton bounces back!

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Film and Digital TimesAt IBC 2012, left: Jacques Delacoux; right: Jean-Pierre Beauviala

Great news from Jon Fauer’s “Film & Digital Times”, it looks like the return of the cat!

We wrote before about how Aaton was having some troubles [here] and [here] but it looks like this is going to be a story with a happy ending. Jean-Pierre Beauviala previously declared that

"Aaton is not closed; the company will be taken over by new owners”.

Well the latest news is that Aaton and Transvideo are apparently working together on “lots of exciting products”. It’s not entirely clear if Transvideo are “new owners” but Jacques Delacoux, President of Transvideo, said, “Aaton and Transvideo will follow the same path — as sister companies.”

New products

I’m guessing this means the new Cantar audio recorder and the D-Minima mini digital camera (a camera designed with documentary shooting in mind) will be coming soon but there may even be products that synthesise technologies from both Aaton and Transvideo in one product.

Aaton is a company with a long history of important innovation and it would be sad to lose such a creative and innovative company.  I’m glad to see them back!

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