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Written by Andy Stout

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117 PowerPoint slides titled ‘KPCB Internet Trends 2013’ doesn’t sound like it should be a worthwhile investment of your time, but this presentation from Mary Meeker at the D11 Conference will tell you probably more about the immediate future than anything else you’ll read soon.

KPCB is a venture capital firm, and long-time tech analyst Meeker – one of the stars in this field, if there can be such a thing – is a partner there nowadays, so when she says something is going to take place, people tend to listen.

Some of her themes for 2013 are:

  • ‘Explosive’ growth in sharing of photos.
  • Video sharing ramping fast (100 hours per minute now uploaded to YouTube
  • Digital info created and shared online up 9x in five years
  • Computing heading towards wearables – ‘wearables/driveables/flyables/scannables’ - and much more quickly than typical 10-year tech adoption cycles suggest
  • 12% of consumer time on mobiles balanced against mobile accounting for only 3% of ad spend
  • China and India represent key and potentially explosive areas of growth

It’s fascinating stuff – both a complete treasure trove and bewildering blizzard of statistics and trends at the same time. To do some data mining yourself, join the 433k people who’ve already watched the presentation here.

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