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Sony announces $100 million Global Relief Fund to help the creative community

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As the global pandemic COVID-19 sees nearly everyone around the world 'sheltering in place’. One of the hardest-hit industries is film, TV and video production. There is some good news, as Sony Corporation has established a $100 million global relief fund, part of which will help the creative community.

Netflix has already announced a $100 million fund that will benefit those in production. Sony's fund will be spread out far and wide. It will help not only those in the creative community, but also those fighting this virus and saving lives, and children and teachers learning remotely. They will be donating the monies to a variety of non-profits around the world, including UNICEF, United Nation's Children's Fund and many others. Check out the full list in this press release from Sony.

Sony is deeply involved in literally all stages of production of TV, movies and more. Their cameras, microphones, monitors, and Catalyst editing software aid in the filming and editing of countless projects worldwide. Their 4K digital cinema projectors screen movies in theatres, while their TVs and home entertainment devices air TV shows and movies. And that's just scratching the service of all aspects of the industries they touch. Many of those industries are hurting right now.

"Sony extends its condolences to the families of those who have passed away as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and extends its sympathies to all those who have been impacted," said Kenichiro Yoshida, President and CEO, Sony Corporation. "In order to overcome the unprecedented challenges that, as a society, we now face around the world, we will do all we can as a global company to support the individuals on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, the children who are our future and those who have been impacted in the creative community."

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