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Blackmagic releases DaVinci Resolve 18.6.5

DaVinci Resolve 18.6.5 is available to download with immediate effect
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DaVinci Resolve 18.6.5 is available to download with immediate effect

The first new version of DaVinci Resolve this year, 18.6.5, adds support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.6.1, Sony Burano X-OCN clips, and more.

It's been a while since the last iterative release of DaVinci Resolve. Okay, it's been about two months, but given the regular releases of modern software development programs, that feels like a while. Blame Christmas and New Year.

The dev team have come back with a bang though. There are, of course, the usual welcome bug-squishing endeavours, but beyond that headline additions are support for the Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.6.1 and support for Sony Burano X-OCN clips. There is also the ability to import and export compound clips and clip markers in Open TimelineIO,  better EXR file labelling, and improved shortcut functionality for multiple clip selections. 

The full feature list is below 

What's new in DaVinci Resolve 18.6.5

  • Support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.6.1.
  • Support for Sony Burano X-OCN clips.
  • Gyro stabilization with Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K.
  • Ability to import and export compound clips in OpenTimelineIO.
  • Ability to import and export clip markers in OpenTimelineIO.
  • Import module support for Python 3.12.
  • Multi-layer EXR mattes now use the layer name as default node label.
  • The add new version key shortcut now works with multiple clip selections.
  • The new version action now applies correctly on the selected clip.
  • Curves and HDR zones graphs now display correctly in compound nodes.
  • Addressed an issue with the Fusion fold transition at some resolutions.
  • Addressed an issue when rotating clips with Resolve FX Depth Map.
  • Addressed an exposure issue for some media managed Sony XAVC clips.
  • Addressed artifacts with Dolby Vision trims on some AMD systems.
  • Addressed artifacts with ACES transforms on some AMD based Macs.
  • Addressed incorrect control ranges in Resolve FX Relight directional mode.
  • Addressed issue with dynamic project switching from the Fusion page.
  • Addressed a mesh point update issue changing Fusion grid warp size.
  • Addressed issue with HDR option visibility in Fusion color space transform.
  • Addressed media sync issues after bin import or copy in cloud projects.
  • Addressed audio normalization setting not retained with render presets.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

The same list applies to DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.6.5 too.

There's also an update for Fusion Studio 18.6.5, which improves grid warp performance when changing grid sizes and adds better transform performance when moving USD objects. 

As ever, all updates are available to download from the Blackmagic Design support centre.

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