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Autodesk releases Maya and 3ds Max 2025 with time-saving new toolsets

Autodesk launches its latest iteration of Design & Make software
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Autodesk launches its latest iteration of Design & Make software

Autodesk has launched the latest iterations of Maya and 3ds Max which prioritize collaboration and creativity by introducing toolsets aimed at making workflows more productive than before.

OpenColorIO, LookdevX and OpenUSD

This latest release introduces OpenColorIO support in 3ds Max, LookdevX enhancements in Maya, and a more robust OpenUSD (Open Universal Scene Description) integration in both tools for improved collaboration.

LookdevX is Autodesk’s agnostic material authoring plugin supporting OpenUSD. New workflows include the ability to work within an active Maya session using either native USD or MaterialX shading graphs, or both, as well as new data structures for more robust file I/O workflows. 

OpenColorIO is now the default color management mode for new scenes in 3ds Max. This gives the users easy access to a standardized color management framework. 

3ds Max USD 0.7.0 now enables importing animations such as animated lights, cameras, and BlendShapes. Maya USD 0.27 brings the ability to load or unload multiple prims simultaneously and use the Universal Manipulator for prim manipulation.

Other productivity tools

Modelers and animators can improve their productivity in Maya with a new Smart Extrude tool, Motion Trail Editor, and a completely redesigned Dope Sheet. 

Smart Extrude Tool eliminates the need to handle messy geometry with its predictable and flexible way (already available in 3ds Max).


The Smart Extrude Tool handles geometry with ease

Retopology 1.5 minimizes any friction when modeling with significant speed improvements when optimizing asset geometry.

DopeSheet has been redesigned for user-friendly animation including the ability to create and flip between sets of commonly used animation controls for your characters.


DopeSheet has been redesigned for intuitive animation

Motion Trail Editor saves time, mouse travel, and clicks with access to everything in one motion trail-related place.

Global Search saves time by displaying a thorough list of tools, functions, commands and settings when you press “x” in the viewport. 

Autodesk Flow

Autodesk Flow is the industry cloud for media and entertainment built on Autodesk’s Design & Make platform. It integrates individuals, processes, and information throughout the whole production journey, from initial idea to ultimate completion. There are some changes here. The software formerly known as "ShotGrid" will be rebranded as "Flow Production Tracking," while "Moxion" will take on the new name "Flow Capture."

Flow Capture now has a more intuitive UI to enhance creative workflows as well as a new upcoming integration with Avid Media Composer that allows editors and post-production teams to get to work the moment shooting wraps. 

Flow Production Tracking will soon experience new AI-powered scheduling capabilities, so studios can confidently deliver projects on time and within budget. 

For a complete list of new features and technical specs, visit the Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold What’s New pages.


Flow Capture has now a new intuitive UI

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