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AMD launches Radeon PRO W7600 and W7500 graphics cards

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AMD has announced two new additions to the AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Series graphics product line: the AMD Radeon PRO W7600 and AMD Radeon PRO W7500 workstation graphics cards.

The two new graphics cards are designed to tackle mainstream workloads across a range of professional industries, including Media & Entertainment, and are therefore coming in at an agreeably budget friendly price, especially compared to the $3999 and $2499 models launched so far. Both the Radeon Pro W7500 and Radeon Pro W7600 will take up a  single slot and will retail for $429 and $599 respectively. This puts them up against the likes of the Nvidia mid-range RTX A series.

The new cards lean into AMD’s RDNA 3 technology and feature 8GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory to support data-intensive tasks and enable raytraced renderings with what AMD says is “incredible detail and realism.”

Here’s how they measure up against the previous generation.

AMD Radeon Pro generation comparison 2

So, that’s more performance at a lower price. Both cards are based around the Navi 33 GPU core which contains 32 ray accelerators, and 64 AI accelerators, but while the W7600 has access to all of the above, the W7500 has been hobbled to provide only 28 ray accelerators and 56 AI accelerators. Its memory also runs slower. It does however only draw 70W, which means that it won’t require supplemental power — useful if you’re tight on space. The upgrade to DisplayPort 2.1 across both cards is very handy too.

Both offer a number of key features, including:

AMD RDNA 3 Architecture – Features redesigned compute units, unifying raytracing and AI accelerators, second-generation AMD Infinity Cache technology, and second-generation raytracing technology. It also offers optimizations for AEC, D&M, and M&E workflows for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, video editing, and general multitasking.

Dedicated AI Acceleration – New AI instructions and increased AI throughput deliver a claimed over 2x more performance than the previous generation RDNA 2 architecture.

AMD Radiance Display Engine with DisplayPort 2.1 – With 12-bit HDR color support and over 68 billion colors, display outputs support next-generation displays and multi-monitor configuration options, creating an ultra-immersive visual environment.

Optimized Driver Performance and Professional Application Certification – AMD continues to work with leading professional software application vendors on a comprehensive application certification program.

The AMD Radeon PRO W7600 and AMD Radeon PRO W7500 workstation graphics cards will be available in Q3 2023 from leading etailers and retailers. Product availability in OEM workstations and SI systems is expected later this year.

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