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AJA's new streaming device, and 2022 product updates

Image: AJA.
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Image: AJA.

AJA’s 2022 line-up includes two new products as well as feature updates for several existing solutions.


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to test the AJA HELO, a professional H.264 streaming device. HELO Plus expands upon that original encoder to include dual streaming outputs allowing users to create assets with different settings and parameters. With its two built-in encoders, HELO plus can not only stream but also record to SD card, NAS or USB destinations. Additionally, it supports SRT, control of start/stop operations with Ki Pro Ultra 12G as well as enhanced scheduling operations.

OG-FiDO-2T-12G and OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST

AJA has implemented openGear compatible enclosures and cards for the last several years and all their products maintain compatibility with certified openGear enclosures and Ross DashBoard software. Both of these OG cards are 12G SDI to fiber of fiber ST. They maintain support for HDR video and further enhance AJA’s position in the broadcast, and particular remote truck, space. 

FS4 3.0

And while on the topic of broadcast trucks, AJA’s FS4 has been a widely-adopted 4K and HD frame synchronize and up/down/cross converter. The free 3.0 update offers more support for HDR workflows. Most notably the FS4 can now configure the HDR components of SDI output VPID on a channel by channel basis. Frame buffering depth also increases from 6 to 20 frames.

Bridge Live 1.13 and Bridge NDI 3G 1.5

When used in multi camera scenarios, the Bridge Live 1.13 allows this live video solution multi-channel synchronous transport for SDI backhaul or cloud, with separate HD (UHD) or HD channels to be received and transmitted in sync. The update for the Bridge NDI product brings NDI 5 support with additional server compatibility and lower latency.

Diskover Media Edition v2.0

AJA’s data management software for searching and analyzing media assets and metada sees plug-ins for Telestream’s GLIM remote media prayer as well as for Telestream’s Vantage media processing program for transcoding, proxy generating, and deliverables creation. It also sees additional levels of security to protect assets.

For more information visit the AJA website.

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