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12 Aug

RedShark exclusive: First look at the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Featured

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera RedShark


We're going to take a much closer look at this very soon, but I wanted to quickly bring you my first impressions.

This is an important camera. It's unique. It's not like anything else. It brings a cinematic film-making capability to more people than any other camera in history. There's no doubt about it: it's exciting.


There's also no doubt that this is a quality product. Apple taught the world how to do packaging right, and Blackmagic have adopted their approach with simple, thoughtful presentation. Once you've mastered the intellectual challenge of opening the box, you're in no doubt that this is a serious camera.

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Take a look at the camera outside the box on the next page.

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  • Hi 김예슬,

    I think it depends where you are. My understanding is that it's very close but I don't have any more information on this than you do!

    John Burkhart, our Asia correspondent has one on order so as soon as he receives his, he'll write about it here.

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  • Thanks!

    Well I'm living in California, LA.

    Calling every dealers..
    went Blackmagic's LA event few weeks ago..
    asked them about shipping, they said, few days.

    but I guess Blackmagic is relatively very small company to meet the demand..
    well, sure I will get it before 2014.

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  • Well, I think the thing is that when you're launching a product like this, the sensible thing to do is to build them in small batches at first. That way if there's a problem with them, you've only got to fix, say, 100 of them and not 10,000. So when someone says "it's shipping" that probably means that a few lucky people will get some and the rest will have to wait for the next, bigger batches.

    It's frustrating if you're waiting for one but you can't blame the company if they're taking this approach.

    As I said, I don't have any inside knowledge on the current situation. Hope yours arrives soon!

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  • I knew the release of the BMPCC wouldn't be like an Apple iPhone release, but I couldn't resist hoping for a similar sense of mass release. It does feel like it has the hype of an iPhone release for many of us.

    At any rate, I preordered in late June. My birthday is in late Sept and I'm not optimistic Ill have mine by then. But, I'm still very into this camera and cannot wait to see more footage from this thing. Looking forward to your future updates to this post!

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  • Can you confirm that your Pocket Cam has RAW as a shooting option? I was led to believe it was only shipping with ProRes and RAW would be added at a later date.

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  • Only ProRes.

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  • A very prosaic question, I know, but real life is made up of prosaic trivia: will this new camera only take Panasonic lenses? Like many people I was seduced by the blurb for shooting video on Canon DSLR's - so Canon-compatible lenses are all I have. (Wondering how this Blackmagic camera might compare to a Canon 5D or 60D...hmm...Worth doing a comparison?)

    Anyway, thanks for a fascinating article :)

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  • My understanding is that it will take any manufacturer's MFT lens. And it is easy to use other systems with an adaptor.

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  • interesting! I am looking for a camera I can use to film and project a painting as I work - will this fit the bill?

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  • It probably will - it has a time-lapse feature as well.

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