14 Dec

Important breaking news about Lightworks for Linux

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Lightworks for Linux Lightworks for Linux Editshare

Big news for news for Linux fans: Editshare has today announced it aims to release a public Beta version before the end of the first quarter of 2013. Now, everyone will be able to try Lightworks for Linux

When the Beta version is released, it will be a historic occasion for Linux, because it will be the very first time that a professional NLE has been available for the Linux platform. It is also important for video editors generally because this is part two of the rollout of Lightworks across three platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X - giving editors and content creators previously unheard-of flexibility to work on the platform of their choice - or across all three if they want to!

The Linux Beta program follows the successful private (i.e. closed) Alpha test, which thanks to intensive and detailed reporting from enthusiastic Alpha testers has taken Lightworks for Linux to an advanced phase.

The Linux Beta will include a friendlier licensing system, which it is hoped will avoid the frustration caused by the existing one.

The Linux Beta version will have all the facilities of the Pro version with some minor limitations.

Lightworks Global Product Manager Matt Sandford told RedShark:

"We are very hopeful that we can meet this target, but there is significant work still to be done on improving the licensing to give users a better experience when they install the software."

Like the Windows version, at the end of the Beta phase, Lightworks for Linux will be available as Free and Pro downloads. The Pro version will allow users to work with professionally licensed codecs such as AVC Intra and Red files.




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  • Thanks, I'm aware of the Contour products. However, maybe LW might consider reworking their own shuttle to make it competitive? Yes? No?
    I just took another look at my old Sony RM-450. (It's in a cardboard box downstairs, the rubber slowly oxidizing on its shuttle knobs.) Oh, how I love dedicated buttons! I like its having identical RIGHT- and LEFT-hand controls for player and recorder. (By today's standards I'm sure it has too much "redundancy.") The Contour is just too "stripped down" for my tastes.
    If LW could come up with a $500 version, I'd buy it.

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  • http://www.lwks.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=8&flypage=yagendoo_flypage_1.tpl&product_id=20&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=45
    Yes, there it is...actually that much different from Contour, other than a few more buttons. But at least there ARE more.

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  • Actually, the dedicated LW Console was recently reworked to USB rather than RS-422 and with low run production, that's the price. (More LW users = higher production runs = lower cost!!)

    PS: If you need more dedicated buttons, take a look at the USB Jog/Shuttle controllers from JL Cooper. Most are listed at <$1K

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  • Hugely exciting. At the production house I work at, we can't WAIT to replace our Avid and FCPX systems with Linux+Lightworks!

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  • I would not hold my breath...any longer....waiting for LW for MAC. While I have been intrigued by LW and would love to experience it, I have become quite fond of FCPX using my AVID/Euphonix Transport Shuttle. It has superior build quality and great tactile feel. Avid says on its website that its not compatible with FCPX but that is not true. The trick is having the correct software (which is tricky at first) installed on your computer. The later Versions do not seem to work as well as the earlier software, as they tend to kick the unit out. With a slew of programmable buttons, and a perfectly weighted dial, I don't see why LW Unit is 3Grand, when this one is under $400. With today's technology, devices like this should not cost this much. So Lynn if you are reading this, you do have options if you are using FCPX. And as one reader posted there are even cheaper options.

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  • "Such a visceral, manual involvement is virtually impossible with today's NLEs." I've been doing it with FCP since version 1, and now in version 10. Contour Shuttle Pro, Euphonix (Avid) MC Transport, they all work right out of the box with FCP, always have.

    But then I have to ask, why go back to a time wasting, awkward, cumbersome way of editing when we have much easier and faster workflows? Digital files are not tape, they can do more, be handled in more ways, easier ways. So why stick with outdated technology concepts that are DEAD today?

    Aren't we like a year behind on the Mac OS X version release? Guess they gave up on that when FCP X was released. And probably for good reason.

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  • Are you talking about Lightworks? Who said that working with the Lightworks console was a

    time wasting, awkward, cumbersome way of editing

    Once video is on a computer, it's a file, whether it's come from a file-ey place, or from tape. It's been like that since the start of NLEs. It doesn't mean that you're not allowed to have tactile feedback. Why do you think we still have steering wheels in the age of computers in a car? Would you rather navigate to a menu that said "Right a bit, no, not that much, aaarrrrgghh!"? There's no less reason to use a hardware control surface or device now than there ever was.

    No firm date has been given for the Mac version. Some indications were given but you can't characterize it as "a year late". Editshare didn't give up anything when FCP X was released. If anything, it's spurred more development.

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  • Actually This is not the first time Professional Editing suites have been availible for linux. Discreet/Autodesk has been on RedHat Linux for about a decade or so. But maybe the first that isn't insanely expensive. But definalty not the first. Now hopefully you guys can get the Mac Version rolling.

    But Anyway Not to rain on you parade it is a very cool thing and this is for sure the best linux solution under a few $K

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  • is this thing eating comments or what?

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  • thank you, guys for doing this.......sitting on hours of video of sonya hensley, (les paul's singer....from his "chasing sound "doc) .introduce to ubuntu at new york... cbs.....7 years ago. prayed for an editing system for ubuntu.....you guys appeared.
    much love for ya'll from harlem......... i am building a computer system now. what specs., should i put into a build? and can i start edit on the alpha or beta versions.......thanks, again. note any editors in new york that could help me out, hit me on facebook mc sheriff.....to matt sandford and all with him, good fortune to you all.

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