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22 Jan

Now your iPhone is the exposure meter you always wanted it to be

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Cine Meter Cine Meter Adam Wilt/RedShark

This low-cost app turns your i-device into a multi-faceted exposure meter

Smartphones are now such commonplace devices that it's easy to forget what miraculously clever things they are. The things we used to quaintly call "telephones" are now festooned with sensors, cameras and extremely high resolution displays, and are more than a match for lower-powered laptops, and they have inbuilt connectivity that would make GCHQ (that's the headquarters for the UK Government's Signal Intelligence unit) envious. 

So it's really gratifying to see all that power being put to very good use in a professional application for photographers and video makers. 

Adam Wilt

Designed by Adam Wilt, a seminal figure in digital video, Cine Meter for iPhone is a digital toolbox for setting up and using all kinds of lighting.

Using the i-device's camera, it works as a shutter-priority reflected light meter, an RGB waveform monitor and also has a false-colour picture mode.

More than just a one-dimensional light meter, Cine Meter will show you how well your greenscreen is lit, highlighting high-contrast hotspots and shadows. 



Self Contained

Cine Meter is completely self contained and doesn't use WiFi or mobile data. 

It's available from the Apple Appstore for $4.99




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  • Cool app. You have an android version coming soon? This is something I'd likely purchase, but not for proprietary, overpriced, hardware with bad international labor practices. Not to mention you'll reach a broader audience android...

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  • Peter, your comment was somewhat misplaced don't you think? This app is actually a gem, RSN are doing great finding apps like this. I've been testing a few similar ones, but more aimed at still photo and without scope. A

    nother cool gem you should review is one that is coming out in a few weeks. It's called AATEMIS and is made by . It is a App based control surface for the full range of ATEM switchers from BlackMagicDesign. The app is good for iPad,iPhone,iPod and packs lots of functionality. I've been testing it for some time, being a beta tester, but are not affiliated with the developer in any way. I've already used it for prime time, and it will be my primary choice of control surface for all my productions.

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