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New 4K camcorders - Exclusive Sony Interview on RedShark's IBC Preview Show Featured

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RedShark pre IBC show RedShark pre IBC show RedShark/Sony

This is RedShark's first TV show. We thought we'd make a program to preview what's coming up at IBC and talk to some industry figures about it

We've co-hosted this with StudioTech TV's Mark Johnson, and we'd also like to thank Blackmagic Design  for sponsoring this production.

We're delighted to say that Sony broke the news about their new 4K camcorders on our show when it was recorded. Sony Europe's Bill Drummond reveals that the lower end FDR-AX1E and the higher end PXW-Z100 are actually very similar.

We talk to the CEO of Angelbird - the makers of the stunning professional SSD products that we wrote about here, and finally, RedShark contributor and raw workflow specialist Miguel Ferros talks about a new standard that's designed to unify all existing raw video formats into a single, massive colour space.

Let us know what you think about this! We're calling this a Beta version, because it's new for us and we had to master a pretty amazing set-up, which consisted of a NewTek Tricaster that was live-switching between four cameras, and which also allowed us to take multiple Skype feeds from our guests around the world.

Running order

Here's a running order in case you haven't got time to watch the whole program (but we hope you will!).

04.55    Bill Drummond, Sony
18.08    Roman Rabitsch, Angelbird
29.28     Miguel Ferros - Raw workflow expert

Finally - we had some audio issues while we were recording this which we'll iron out next time, and remember: our guests are via Skype - and Skype is what it is, but it does allow us to bring in guests quickly from around the world. Let us know if there's anyone you'd like to see interviewed in future programs.

PS, I'm the handsome bald guy on the right.



Thanks again to Mark Johnson at StudioTech for hosting this with us.
Read the full press releases on the new Sony 4K camcorders here




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  • 4k obviously means more money for manufacturers as its upgrade heaven and a new controlled closed market. However whether 4k is actually relevant to most of us is another question. The thing is HD already gets toned down for worried actors I can't imagine what 4K does and do people really want hyper realism and do they actually place that much importance beyond a certain level.
    I wonder if 4K will actually get a hold Personally I think 1080 Bluray could have a lbetter future if costs come down. I think Bluray is also a good mark on the threshold consumers will go.
    Of course 4k definitely has a future in film making just not as the end format although maybe as archive material.
    Im sure though many like 3d will think this is the way to go. I have my doubts.

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  • All of my content is for the web, so I highly doubt 4K will ever be relevant to me or anyone else who deals strictly with web video. SSD drives would be relevant to anyone working with video however.

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  • This seems quite a small sensor on the prosumer 4k camcorder. Any idea how it will do in low light? We shoot a lot of music videos where the light is poor. Will there be models with higher specification? How about interchangeable lenses?

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  • Hi Tony, the X100 uses the Exmor R technology which allows high sensitivity and low noise from a smaller sensor, I don't have the specs to hand, but will check with the factory on low-light, should be comparable to other professional handycams I would have thought. Also for higher specification, we already have the 4K ready NEX-FS700 which offers 4K RAW recording via 3G HD-SDI to an external recorder, such as the Sony R5 or Convergent Odyssey via the HXR-IFR5 adaptor. This model has interchangeable lenses and has been used on a lot of music videos already (albeit at HD!) I hope this help Tony?

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  • Thanks Bill.
    A cursory look at what has been published so far reports that the new budget 4k camcorders from Sony have a minimum illumination of 4 lux. A bog standard HD camcorder like a Sony PMW200 has one of 0.14 lux. This is possibly significant if you shoot in lousy light rather than studio conditions, as we do. We shan't know more until we try one out on a job.

    I would love these new camcorders to do the job for us. Recording at concert venues or out of doors is not fun with DSLRs and all their paraphernalia.

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  • Hi Tony, this is correct at 60p the minimum illumination is 4Lux, else 3Lux when recording 50p. The single sensor is just over 1/2-inch at 1/2.33. The PMW-200 has not one but three 1920x1080 1/2inch sensors, so does offer a better low-light performance. (The PMW-200 is about 10% more expensive too). I suspect it would be good to try one of these on one of your jobs, but also bear in mind the FS700 has this great low-light performance you are after, plus also upgradeable to 4K when your clients demand it! Let me know if I can help putting you through to the right people for a demo, email me at bill.drummond@eu.sony.com

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