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26 Jun

Free Blackmagic Cinema Camera tutorial

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Blackmagic camera tutorial Blackmagic camera tutorial Colorgradingcentral/Redshark have kindly uploaded a free tutorial on how to deal with RAW files from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in conjunction with Resolve

 If you have bought or have been thinking of buying a Blackmagic Cinema Camera one of the things you may be wondering about is how are you going to deal with the 12 Bit RAW CinemaDNG files that the camera produces in RAW mode?

As there are almost no editing systems that will take the files natively you are going to have to find a workflow that works with your preferred editing application.

Of course the Camera comes with a copy of Resolve and luckily Denver Riddle, owner of, has created a free tutorial which demonstrates the workflow to get the media out of Resolve for editing and then back into Resolve for the final grade.

He has even made some RAW material available for download so you can test the workflow on your own system (you need to go to the website and register to download the raw material).





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  • This was a great and simple tutorial showing, not only with BMCC but also with basicly every NLE there is, how to transfer EDL:s between Resolve and NLE. 5 mins and I'm ready to start using Resolve? Thank you!

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  • Thanks Neil for posting this information. I'm sure there will be many who find this prospect an exciting technical challenge. With the shift away from 'huge' sensors with their dubious HD quality (I'm looking at you 5D Mk11) back to Super 16 and MFT sensors, those old Parafocal B4 Canon and Fujinon broadcast ENG lenses with their internal focusing, constant F1.7 aperture, switchable 2x extenders and what, 15x to 18x zoom ratios are starting to look good again. I'm watching their 'bay prices start to spiral.

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Neil Roberts

I started out as a Video Tape Editor in the 1980’s and was one of the first editors to embrace non-linear editing at the beginning of the 90’s

I then went on to work for Lightworks and was instrumental in the development of their Heavyworks and Newsworks systems, sharing in the Technical Emmy that was awarded to the Heavyworks system.

After Lightworks I moved to Discreet logic (now part of Autodesk) where I was the European product specialist for Smoke and Fire.

I am an accredited Smoke trainer, I also do DaVinci Resolve training and I am an Independent Certified Expert for Sony.

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