20 May

The most beautiful video from the Canon Raw video hack yet?

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Here’s a great new video by a fellow called James Miller which is creating a bit of a stir around the internet as “the most beautiful video” from the Canon raw video hack so far

 The video is shot on the sea front in Brighton, so it’s exciting for those of us in the UK to see people here getting in on the Canon raw action too. Not to mention getting to see a familiar location on our screens!


This was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III but slightly modified as both the Infra-Red and one of the Optical Low Pass ilters have been removed from the camera. The aspect ratio may seem a little extreme for today’s eyes at 2.66:1 but early anamorphic epic “The Robe” was also shot in this aspect ratio too.

The video was captured at 1920 x 720 @25p

David, our editor, commented on how sharp it was when he saw it. It seems the raw feature does really make a difference in sharpness as not only is the video normally heavily compressed to h.264 but it is scaled before it gets recorded too. Recording raw sidesteps that extra processing and the quality loss involved.



...and heres a special bonus for those who like cars. It’s shot 1920 x 1080 @ 24fps on the Canon 5D Mark III:



If you want to see more raw videos, check out my magic lantern raw video round up here.





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  • Ouahhhh! Absolutelty amazing!! And the musical accompaniment too. Who composed this extraordinary score? Just what I'm looking for my intersideral travel for the beginning of my video on Pompeii!Thanks for this paper and the videos attached Freya. (He is your family a Wagner's Ring fan to have chosen your first name if I'm not indiscreet :o)

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  • Music is by Hecq / Red Sky apparently.

    As to my name, erm I hope not! Wagner tends to have certain, erm associations! ;)
    Hey don't worry about indescretion, it's not like you brought up the dwarfs or anything! (You'd be suprised how often people want to talk to me about the dwarfs). I wonder if that is where the Snow White story originates from? Anyway moving swiftly on! ;)

    Have fun in Pompeii! Be sure to bring back some great video for us all to see! :)

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  • These are really well done, but I wonder if it really matters, given how clumsy these cameras are for shooting video. I've never really been happy with mine - auto-focus sounds mean I have to use a separate mic. Most of the time, I opt for the lower quality and better sound of my HD video camera.

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  • Hiya Jasmine! I know what you mean about sound. Sound can of course be really important too. I still love my DVX100 because it has really, really great sound quality and it has a nice visual quality to it as well. I think one day people will realise it is a classic.

    ...but if you were shooting a music video on a DSLR I guess it wouldn't matter about the sound. It also might be easier to cope with the huge raw files too!

    Speaking of names, Jasmine is a lovely name!
    Happy shooting and thanks for the comment! :)

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