15 Aug 2013

Amazing new SSDs for professionals: We test the fastest, toughest and safest SSDs, ever

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SSDs Just got Series SSDs Just got Series Angelbird


Beautiful Design

The Angelbird drives are almost unbelievably well designed. They look lovely, they're made from anodised aluminium, and are very solid. And they really are tough: the external cases are made from a single block of aluminium. Overall, you get the impression that these could survive the end of the world and still look lovely.

There's a reason they're built like this. They're designed and Made in Austria, a small, central European country that's becoming increasingly known for its high-tech sector. Angelbird CEO, Roman Rabitsch told us that it was only possible to reach the highest quality levels and be able to make specialised products like these by doing everything from start-to finish in-house. Everything from the initial idea, the research and development and the manufacturing is done by Angelbird in Austria. Nothing is left to chance or a third party.

And the result is that they're made like nothing you've ever seen before. They are as far from the "Standard" way that SSDs are built as it's possible to get. There's such a feeling of solidity and quality from these drives that It's almost impossible to imagine how they could be made to feel any better.

You know what it's like when you buy an expensive camera, or a top-end lens? That's what these drives feel like.



Other Thoughtful Touches 

Built in UPS with 4 second power loss protection for maximum data safety

Overload and ESD protection

Highly accurate temperature sensor for monitoring heat with in-drive calibration

Two extra PCB layers for thermal and ground use

CNC machine crafted aluminium shell

For optimum thermal dissipation every NAND and the controller hosts a thermal pad between the components and the casing

Full load operation temperature of 35 degrees to ensure highest efficiency, maximum data security and a long life cycle

Every unit is hand built, tested and benched before getting shipped

No paint, glue or plastic is used; the product is built with the environment in mind and can easily be recycled

The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and does not use any ink for printing: it is laser marked

No stickers or parts on the housing which could negatively affect the capability of hassle free use as cartridge for cameras, recorders or players


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