29 May 2013

"The other half of your camera". BulletProof: We interview its creator

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bulletproof - Interview with designer bulletproof - Interview with designer Magic Bullet/RedShark


RS: How much of RedGiant's existing tech were you able to use in BulletProof?

We already had a multithreaded transcode engine built in Grinder and a big part of that is in BulletProof. We also moved a number of our color algorithms into the real time playback architecture of BullletProof as well. That is really only two components out of dozens. We have built a really extensible architecture with a true database storage to manage tens of thousands clips. We also created a web-centric client-server architecture for the app. That means we can work with data that lives on more than just a laptop. The client piece is also built on Chromium even though it runs on Mac OS and Windows to allow to use HTML, Javascript and CSS to create the user experience. Very few other applications in the video market that are built this way. You can imagine that gives us great flexibility in where we might run the interface in the future (*cough* iPad *cough*). But before we get there, we are going to get to Windows 7 and 8 in short order after shipping on the Mac.

RS: What is the reaction of "traditional" DITs to the product?

We spoke to a number of DITs long before we went to alpha about their challenges and needs from a tool like BulletProof. Their reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. They love that they can setup something like BulletProof to help out film makers on a shoot where they aren't the data wrangler so that they don't have to come in later in clean up somebody else's mess. While this does make it easier for a production assistant to do some of the work on set like backup and even footage prep, the DIT still has a crucial role to play in making sure that the media is not just backed up but looks correct and that shots don't have errors. BulletProof is really built for the DIT but we have tried to make it as easy to use as possible.

RS: What's the overall reaction been like?

The reaction so for has been awesome. Over 10,000 (!) people signed up for the beta in a couple of weeks and in the first couple of days we got a few thousand installs. I couldn't be more pleased with the uptake. I think we struck a real chord with users that have been hungry for a tool like BulletProof.

Don't forget that the Beta software is still available for free download, but, remember, it is Beta!

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