09 May 2013

Sony and The John Lennon Bus Tour: Spreading the love (and the FS700)

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NEX Series cameras + FS 700

The Sony equipment on board is a mix of professional and domestic equipment. "The nice thing about it," explains Drummond, "is we've supplied some NEX Series cameras which is basically a mirror-less compact system but we've supplied some Alpha 99's as well, and some NEX FS700's; our high-end cinema camera that's been used in TV, documentaries... The nice thing about all those is they all use the same lens so there's real flexibility in what the students can use, whether its shooting stills or working more cinematically."

Having glanced those Sony 3D monitors onboard, I ask Drummond if 3D remains a big part of Sony's vision for the future of visual entertainment and capture. "3D is a new form of creative expression... in terms of the future of broadcasting? Many people are talking about 4K now and the FS700, of course, is 4K-upgradeable and we've launched the new IFR5 adapter to integrate with an R5 recorder which is 4K. The FS700 does give the [John Lennon Tour] bus some longevity because it's very easy for us to [later] upgrade it to 4K."

Jeff Sobel, chief engineer of the John Lennon Bus backs up Drummond's assertion that interchangeable lenses make all the difference. "The quality of the image [of the FS700] was the most important thing [for us], but also the versatility. We looked for camera systems with interchangeable lenses. Honestly, the cameras are really the most essential thing that we've got [onboard] - camera selection is the key thing for us. Having cameras that are the best in quality but also very manageable, configurable... because we do a lot of different things - video projects, promo-pieces, interviews... we need something that can cover all those bases."

Magic Mystery Tour

The John Lennon Bus Tour has been travelling the US for over fifteen years now, successfully introducing new talent to cutting-edge equipment and modes of production that might otherwise be out of their grasp, but it was on Wednesday in John Lennon's hometown that it really felt like the maiden voyage of this very modern Magical Mystery Tour.
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