02 Oct 2019

Speed and safety for big files in transit

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File transfer and movement might not be the most headline grabbing topics, but it is very important. We spoke to file movement experts Signiant about its new Jet system, which allows businesses of all sizes to move files around in the background seamlessly between locations in a highly secure way.

It's the elephant in the room. You might have the best 8K cameras and infrastructure for making video, but in a production environment that might well involve moving large files to different places in the world quickly and securely, you need a reliable way to do this. Particularly if the material you are dealing with is highly sensitive. Signiant, in a nutshell has a technology stack that makes it faster and safer to send media files anywhere in the world, and achieves it seamlessly. In the video below we spoke to Jon Finegold, chief marketing officer at the company, about its award winning technology.

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