02 Jul 2014

Is this the most remarkable CGI in a film, ever?

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Weta


The Real Magic

The Weta Digital team wrote specialized software to bring all the elements together, but the goal here isn't technical mastery, but artistic achievement, to bridge that uncanny valley. For Weta, it's about trying to get as much of the actors' performances to translate, so the final result is a harmonious marriage of humanity and digital creation, as noted by director Reeves: "That is the amazing part of what Weta is doing...is finding a way in which they can take the parts of the actors and the parts of the apes and meld them in such a way that emotion comes through. Seeing the results is incredibly exciting."

Check out this behind the scenes VFX featurette and see the results for yourself.

Patrick Jong Taylor

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