20 Sep 2013

New ARRI Amira - our in-depth first look

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New ARRI Amira New ARRI Amira ARRI


Phil Rhodes takes an indepth first look at the new ARRI Amira

ARRI's stated grab for the documentary market can be interpreted in two ways: as simply that, or as a slightly indirect way of offering a lower-cost Alexa without risking any loss of value to its Alexa brand. There's no cynicism inherent to that second interpretation, especially in the light of Canon's C series cameras which, at the high end, compete with Alexa, and at the low end compete with Sony's F3. There's nothing wrong with a desire to have a finger in both those pies and well-differentiated products to do so, although I suspect we shouldn't hold our breaths for Amira to compete on price with the C300 (I'd have expected it to go for about twice as much).


The key to a reasonable evaluation, then, is your interpretation of the word “documentary”, something that has already caused significant buzz. It's a difficult term because it tends to mean different things in different markets, and even among different production sectors with respect to the sort of resources and personnel available to a production. Something like the BBC's Horizon series is a documentary, and consists mainly of sit-down interviews, lab tours, and a lot of computer graphics. Amira might be entirely usable on a show like this. On the other hand, there is some concern over how suitable it would be for the most remote, least supported, most run-and-gun style shows.

Why? Well, several characteristics hang over from Alexa which conspire to mean Amira will, in all practicality, require more support than a more conventional ENG camera, which is what Arri seem to be packaging it to compete with. This may be OK, or it may not, but it's worth considering.

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