27 Aug 2013

First detailed stills from Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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Pocket Cinema Camera Image Pocket Cinema Camera Image Tonkin


Sone very nice still images from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera have appeared on the Blackmagic Forum. Our in-house Cinematographer, Phil Rhodes, casts an experienced eye over them

 On one hand, it's a dangerous business to start predicting the performance of a camera from a few stills on a forum. On the other, the specifications of Blackmagic's new Pocket Cinema Camera are sufficiently interesting, and the price sufficiently low, that a few eyebrows have already been raised by James Tonkin's images

Assuming no major problems, and we're not aware of any yet, this thing has the potential to completely eviscerate the DSLR market, in as much as it's very considerably cheaper than a high-end DSLR, but very considerably sharper than all of them, even taking into account the raw modes offered by third-party firmware (which still suffer any aliasing or softness built into the picture by the way it's sampled off the sensor).


River and bridge


Okay, so more recent DSLRs have gone a long way to solving these issues, but the Pocket Cinema Camera has, from the look of that tricky water which would have caused the original Canon 5D Mk II to fail badly, few or none of these problems. This, I'll confidently predict, will be entirely down to the fact that the Pocket Camera's sensor has a resolution that  more closely matches the output motion-picture frame, as opposed to a DSLR shooting video, which must discard enormous amounts of pixels; and try to do so without adversely affecting the image. So far they do this with varying degrees of success, but for the Pocket Cinema Camera, it simply shouldn't be an issue.

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