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We're not sure how you've managed without one so far: the first 4K-capable tablet

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Asus/RedSharkAsus Infinity 4K tablet

Pixel densities are rocketing up on mobile devices - and, as these are the things that we're using to view our media more and more, that's important for content creators

Maintaining the trend is Asus' new Transformer Pad Infinity which not only has a higher resolution than Apple's current Retina iPad, but comes equipped with a 4K-capable HDMI output.

That's an astonishing development, not just because it shows how far we've come with the technical capabilities of mobile gadgets (and who would have thought that we'd be talking about 4K "gadgets" yet!), but because, whether we actually need it or not, manufacturers are going flat-out to provide us with an end-to-end 4K ecosystem.

4K over HDMI

Missing, as ever, from this discussion, is HDMI 2.0. With only the current 1.4 version available, only frame rates of up to 30fps will be available from the Asus. Hardly seems an issue when most movies are still made at 24fps.

Thanks to Engadget for finding this.

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