18 Feb 2020

PolarPro's LiteChaser Pro announced. It's never been a better time to be a mobile creative

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PolarPro's LiteChaser Pro announced. It's never been a better time to be a mobile creative PolarPro

The iPhone 11, with its three camera system has opened up new opportunities for companies to develop accessories that take your phone from a point and shoot to something that can be used for more serious work. PolarPro's LiteChaser Pro system is a big step in that direction.

PolarPro make some very useful accessories for drones, DSLR/mirrorless cameras, and smartphones. Renowned for the quality of the gear it produces, as well as being run by people who actually use the equipment, it has produced a number of high quality, useful solutions for video shooters over the years.

This time it is the turn of the iPhone 11 to receive the attention with the new LiteChaser Pro system.

What is LiteChaser

LiteChaser Pro is a new case and filter system built exclusively for the iPhone 11. The case takes two forms, one that allows the attachment of filters, and one that has the addition of a hand grip, which makes the phone hand hold in a similar way to a traditional stills camera.


The new LiteChaser Pro grip system for the iPhone 11

The grip features a rail system that allows it to adapt to different hand sizes and orientations (ie landscape or portrait). It also sports a 1/4" screw mount for attaching lights or microphones.

Lastly the system contains a choice of high quality filters, manufacturers from the same materials, and to the same standards as the others in PolarPro's lineup. This includes fixed ND8 (2-stop) and ND64 (8-stop) filters, a variable ND that goes from 3-5 stops, and a circular polariser (CP).


The new variable ND filter for LiteChase Pro

The variable ND is similar to the full size ones we tested a while back on RedShark and features similar laser etched stop indicators so that you are always aware of the amount of ND you are dialling in. When it comes to shooting with a phone, the variable ND is likely to be the most important filter here due to the ability to lock down the shutter speed and ISO. There's no word on whether there will be any variable ND filters available beyond the 5-stop maximum just yet.

When it comes to using a phone for professional work we know there are some who scoff at the idea. However the inescapable fact is that these sorts of devices are increasingly being used in such a way, and for those who do use them it is great that they have these sorts of tools to help their creativity, both for video and stills. The best camera is the one you either have with you, or own. It makes sense to try and get the best out of whichever tool you have to hand.

The LiteChaser Pro system will be available in the following configurations and prices and are available to preorder now;


Photography Kit (Case, Grip, CP) Regular price $119.99 US | Launch price $99 US.

Filmmaker Kit (Case, Grip, VND) Regular price $149.99 US | Launch price $119 US.

Essential Kit (Case, Grip) Regular price $69.99 US | Launch price $59.


Circular Polarizer $49.99 US.

Variable ND 3-5 Stop $89.99 US.

Note that preorders will be placed into tiers, with shipping dates being assigned to each one as follows;

Tier 1 (orders 0-1000) - March 28th
Tier 2 (orders 1001-2000) - April 28th
Tier 3 (orders 2001 - 3000) - May 28th

Find out more on the PolarPro website.

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