13 Sep 2019

Blackmagic expands BRAW to Premiere Pro and Avid, debuts ATEM Mini and more

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Blackmagic expands BRAW to Premiere Pro and Avid, debuts ATEM Mini and more Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic has hardly paused for breath since announcing the BMPCC 6K and still has space for a raft of new releases at IBC2019, including the above, an URSA Broadcast update, new Video Assist 12G models, and more.

Difficult to know where to start with Blackmagic at IBC2019, so let’s dive right in with Blackmagic RAW 1.5, a new software update with support for Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. One of the things holding BRAW back was its reliance on DaVinci Resolve operation, with third party solutions for working in it on other platforms always tending to miss out something useful. The new plugins in this latest free update will let anyone working in Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer work with Blackmagic RAW directly with no transcoding, providing BRAW with a genuinely end to end native workflow for the first time.

The update also adds Blackmagic RAW Speed test for Mac, PC and Linux.


The new ATEM Mini is billed as a low cost live production switcher specifically designed to allow live streaming to YouTube and also things like business presentations via Skype. Coming in at a very lean $295, it allows users to switch live between four high quality video camera inputs, connect to a computer to present PowerPoint slides, or add a gaming console. The built in DVE allows picture in picture effects, which is perfect for live commentary for the Twitch market etc.

The front panel includes large buttons for selecting sources and adjusting audio inputs, as well as selecting video effects and transitions, allowing solo presenters to switch as well . The rear panel includes HDMI inputs for connecting cameras or computers, plus additional microphone inputs. Customers also get audio mixer buttons for live audio mixing.


The new Video Assist 12G models feature brighter HDR screens, built in scopes, upgraded batteries, 12G-SDI and much more, and will be available in the next couple of weeks for $795.

Featuring an eye-popping 2500nit display, there are two models at 7in and 5in. The Video Assist 7" 12G model also includes two media slots, while both the 5" and 7" models include 12G-SDI for high frame rate Ultra HD, analog inputs for audio, USB-C external disk recording, plus a front panel speaker and side mounted headphone jack. Customers also get two rear battery slots for mounting Sony L-Series batteries, so customers have enough power for the brighter HDR screens and higher speed Ultra HD electronics. A 12v universal power supply is included for studio or on location use.

And a new firmware update for URSA Broadcast cameras now lets them support BRAW too. The Blackmagic Camera 6.7 Update in fact adds a whole host of new goodies to the unit including a wholly new image processing design for improved quality, better lens control, updated on screen user controls, a new de-mosaic algorithm that improves sensor response, 720p support on both SDI output and input, and more.

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