29 May 2018

Forget cameras, Netflix has announced its Recommended TVs list for 2018

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You can now buy televisions recommended by Netflix You can now buy televisions recommended by Netflix LG composite

We are used to seeing announcements of cameras that are approved by Netflix. It has come to be a bit of a badge of honour that the camera you purchase is approved for Netflix Originals series production. But what about the actual devices that these series are being watched on? Read on.

It actually makes a lot of sense that if you are going to go to all those lengths to ensure that the technology that your series are produced on, it stands to reason that you might as well recommend televisions that meet your standards too. And that is precisely what Netflix has done

The company did in fact produce a list of recommended TV’s for 2017, but it has fallen under the radar somewhat and quite possibly not many people are aware of it. It is quite a short list, because the requirements are fairly stringent. Netflix has just announced its recommended televisions for 2018, and so far it equates to one make, LG, although last year Samsung and Sony also made the list. No doubt products from those companies will make the list this year as well once the new models have been released.


Netflix has placed a criteria of 7 specifications, and to meet the Netflix approved standard the television must meet at least 5 of them. Most of them focus on usability rather than picture quality. They include:

  • TV instant on. The television must start instantly and be ready to use.
  • The Netflix app must load very quickly whether it is right after the set has been turned on, or after other apps have been used.
  • The remote must have a Netflix button.
  • The Netflix app must be easy to see and easy to launch.
  • The television must remember exactly what you were doing and be able to carry on where you left it when you turned it off.
  • The Netflix interface must be in full 1080p resolution.
  • The latest version of the Netflix app must be present.

Clearly the specifications are aimed at making the Netflix experience as good as possible from a usability point of view, and the company is clear about this. It cites that while it is often easy to research picture quality, it is less easy to find out about interface usability. Although it would be good to see picture quality being looked at in the future as well. However aspects such as long start up times have been a bugbear of mine with many of the television sets available today, so it is good to see usability issues such as this being put forth. Even if it is to satisfy one company's ideal of how its app should be presented.

Just as for cameras it is likely that manufacturers will want to see the Netflix Recommended sticker on products as a badge of honour, so we are likely to see these specifications honoured more and more.

If you want to see the approved list for this year, visit the Netflix Recommended TVs website.

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