15 Sep 2017

G-Technology announces R-Series rugged mobile SSD devices, its toughest drives yet

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Faster, smaller, stronger, the new R-Series from G-Technology Faster, smaller, stronger, the new R-Series from G-Technology G-Technology


G-Technology drives are some of the most popular amongst content producers. Whilst G-Technology itself has had a portable rugged SSD compatible drive system available for a while now, it has now introduced newer, faster variations in the form of the R-Series.

The G-Technology G-Drive, with its interchangeable storage, was well received. It offered a portable, rugged, system that could be customised to contain either a traditional hard drive, or an SSD. In effect the G-Drive was a caddy that you could tailor to your own requirements. The new R-Series, while not offering interchangeable drives, offers an all new ruggedised SSD lineup that would appear to require the deft use of a tank to destroy.

The R-Series utilises the latest USB 3.1 gen 2 interface, and can reach a claimed transfer speed of 560MB/s dependent on your hardware. Of course the main selling point of the new drives is their toughness. The new SSDs are IP67 rated for dust and water ingress, can cope with a 3m drop onto concrete based carpet, and feature a 1000lb crushproof rating. The new drives are therefore going to be of interest to those who take their work into some of the more extreme environments around. All we need now is for laptops to be made to a similar touch specification!

The R-Series will be available in 500GB ($199.95), 1TB ($379.95), and 2TB ($699.95) capacities. This makes the drives competitively priced, although compared with traditional drives, the price for solid state still remains stubbornly high. 

That said, the future most definitely resides in SSD technology. And with many more options such as this coming onto the market, we can only hope that the price will eventually start to drop. The fact that we can now have such fast, yet physically small storage to allow us to work in all sorts of environments on the move is progress in itself. G-Techniology clearly has confidence in the new drives since it is offering a five year limited warranty. Far in excess of some of its closest competitors who offer three years.

For more information visit the G-Technology website. The official press release follows on the next page.

In additional news, G-Technology has also announced a new SDK for its G-Rack 12 NAS system to allow customers to develop their own custom applications, for instance to assist the workflow for disaster recovery, archive, and media management.

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