Rigjob video: cracking open some LEDs

Written by RedShark News Staff

Andrew DeanSomething, somewhere is about to be hacked very soon...

Andrew Dean, AKA Rigjob, produced one of the most popular videos we've hosted on the site so far this year. And while not every story can be about the GH5, we liked his style enough to bring him back for more. So, from the back of the Hillbilly Grip Truck parked in a field somewhere in New Zealand…

You never know what you’ll find when shopping late at night. Rigjob came across the inexpensive Andoer sc-406, a little daylight pocket light that is unique in that it uses a COB (chip on board) LED.

Most small LED fixtures use an array of bulbs spread across the face of the light, which is fantastic for heat distribution and approximating a larger light source. However, a COB LED concentrates a large number of extremely small emitters into what becomes essentially a single source. By using a COB LED, the sc-406 creates what is essentially “hard light”, similar to what you’d get from a halogen mr16 bulb and old school on-camera lights.

Since lighting is all about options and shaping, having a tiny, battery-powered hard light opens up some interesting options.  Plus, if you follow the lead of Rigjob’s Rigjob (yes, he does crack the lights open), the options just get more interesting.

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