28 Oct 2015

Convergent’s new Apollo: ‘a production studio in the palm of your hand'

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Convergent's new tablet-sized Apollo Convergent's new tablet-sized Apollo Convergent Design


According to Convergent Design its new tablet-sized Apollo is the industry’s first genuinely portable HD multicamera recorder/switcher. And it’ll be 4K from next year too.

Apollo certainly packs a lot into a small space and a mere 560g. It’s capable of recording up to four HD video signals simultaneously, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch between the four or a quad-split reference view. It can also function as a four-channel live switcher while simultaneously recording the four isolated HD video signals, which Convergent says is a unique feature that puts clear blue water between it and other devices of its kind.

It’s powered via a camcorder battery (under 20w power draw, 6.5-34v with battery mounts available), has no fans and vents, and as all cameras stay in sync with matching timecode, all of the multi-camera media can be stored on a single SSD, which should improve turnaround time in post. And further speeding things up, by using the new Apollo Media Manager App recordings can either be exported as separate Apple ProRes files or as a single multi-camera QuickTime file that drops directly into the timeline of supporting NLEs such as Final Cut Pro-X. 

Two SSD slots allow for either twice the record time (which is 3.5 hours at highest quality) or mirror recording for safety backup. And built-in Image Analysis tools can be used to match the cameras during setup. 

It’s looking good for the $3995 unit which is due to ship in December, but wait, as they say, there’ s more. A free firmware update scheduled for Q1 2016 will add two-channel 4K video recording, DNxHD recording, and cascade interconnect between up to three Apollos for up to twelve HD channel or six 4K channel simultaneous recording.

And finally Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+ owners will be able to purchase an Apollo Option for their devices as an upgrade for $1795.

More, including detailed specs, after the break.

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